Bushcraft/Survival in York – See if you’ve got what it takes

Here at Yorkshire Activity Centre, we will show you the basic bushcraft/survival skills in the York area. Why not come down and see if you can get the fire burning?

Our bushcraft/survival sessions focus on two of the main priorities: shelter building and fire lighting. Our instructors, most of who are military trained, will explain what you need to know to build a shelter. Using either the natural resources or equipment at your disposal you will need to protect you and your team from the elements and pending disaster.

The fundamentals of fire and what it takes to keep one going will be discussed. You will be issued with ferro rod and materials to get a fire going and the rest is up to you.


£25 per person



Minimum booking

2 people

Minimum age

8 years

Yorkshire activity centre

“Our instructor Ben was very knowledgeable and made both activities really fun for the kids. Highly recommended!”

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