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Wired High Ropes In York

Wired is an exhilarating high ropes adventure in York; a great place to visit with friends and family. It offers a real challenge to even the most fearless adventurers comprising 22 separate activities of varying difficulty.

Wired has state of the art safety equipment and you are attached all the way around the course. No expense has been spared to ensure that this course is using the safest and best quality kit available in the world! 

We are sure that children, teenagers and adults will have a superb, exciting, challenging experience and you will be totally safe!

Wired welcomes group bookings, whether it is families, friends, clubs or colleagues and we do offer great discounts for pre-booked groups.

Wired High Ropes Challenge is only suitable for children over 7 years old.

Wired High Ropes is Yorkshire Activity Centre sister company.


£10 per person per lap


30 min – 1 Hour

Minimum booking

 2 people

Minimum Height 

120 cm

Minimum Age

7 years

WIRED is a suspended obstacle course, around 4 to 5 meters in height. Comprising of 22 elements, inclusive of a course ending zip-wire to bring back down to earth!

Participants are attached to a continuous belay system (CBS) to allow movement over the elements. There is no requirement to unclip from the wire at any time whilst participating in the activity. The maximum number of participants on the course in a single session is 22.

Who is it for? 

7 years of age and older! There is no upper age limit, however, you will be required to sign a consent form prior to taking part in your chosen activity. We can also accommodate for many various disabilities so please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss things in more detail.

How long does it last?

A standard booking is for approximately 30minutes-1hour

 Participants are required to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to their chosen time slot in-order to complete the arrival process.

The harnessing and safety brief is all part of the approximate time, however, we endeavour to have the participants ready prior to ensure the maximum time on the course and usually have everybody ready for their safety briefing before if not on the hour.

To Book please Visit WWW.WIRED-HIGH-ROPES.CO.UK 

The Tower! Climb up the tower to launch onto the first activity!

1. Balance Beam – can you balance yourself across this beam? Using only your lanyard to help you this first element sets the pace!

2. Hanging Platforms – step from one platform to another, this swinging element has vertical hand ropes for support.

3. Postman’s Walk – traverse the cable, with the assistance of a rope!

4. Indi Bridge – step from rung to rung, but don’t look down, you are over the pond!

5. Spider’s Web – fancy pretending to be spiderman? Here’s your chance! Crossing the island on a spiders web is something you won’t forget in a hurry!

6. Indi Bridge Plank – back across the pond to dry land, the planks a provide a few gaps to view the fish below!

7. Multi Vines – traverse the foot cable whilst holding on to the most convenient positioned vines, but it wobbles, and you wobble! Keep your hands high to aid balance!

8. Snake Bridge – stepping from swinging log to swinging log, sideways! A difficult element for many!

9. Burma Bridge – ground dropping away, a higher element but plenty of support with bridge sides to support.

10. Zig Zag Bridge – move across the zig zags, this involves a lot of side stepping!

11. Organ Pipes – a fun element that offers you a foot per pipe only!

12. Step Across – a little leap of faith across a gap.

13. Swinging Tyres – the combination of tyres and ropes make this a testing element, just don’t fall through a tyre, you may get stuck!

14. Fender Walk – now great big blue things to hold onto, or are they more hassle than an aid? You decide!

15. Hanging Rungs – step from one rung to the next, linked together for stability.

16. Vertical Net – have you seen an army assault courses, well now is your chance to scramble across a huge vertical net!

17. Flea Jumps – some people don’t love the idea of jumping from one platform to the next, across a gap, five metres in the air, but you can always swing across!

18. Flying Surfboards – fun fun fun! Yes, swinging surfboards in the air!

19. Rope Loops – step across but don’t miss a loop or you will have to reverse, there is a method to doing this element well, you have to avoid doing the splits!

20. Plank Bridge – now you are an expert you don’t need any ropes to help you across this bridge!

21. Double See Saw – step on the first see saw, walk to the middle, tip over walk to the end, repeat!

22. Zip Wire – take a leap of faith back down to earth!

Directions, Parking & Map!!

The WIRED HIGH ROPES is situated on the B1363 (Wigginton Road) just a few hundred yards off the A1237 (York Outer Ring Road) near the Clifton Moor Retail Park, North of York.

By Bus
The number 40 Reliance bus service from Exhibition Square, York > Easingwold stops just outside The Web and runs every hour Monday – Saturday and every two hours on Sunday. For a full timetable, please click here

We have a large on-site car park and overflow parking for busy periods. Please park in consider
ation of others.

Why choose Wired High Ropes?

Wired High Ropes sessions are delivered by  highly experienced instructors. You will experience the best High Ropes Activity in York, at a great value price we can guarantee all our customer’s will leave happy. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google Plus reviews for honest feedback from our customer’s. You won’t find a better High Ropes experience or a premier venue so close to York City Centre.

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“We were able to go on as many times as we wanted and Evie supported all the kids brilliantly all the way through. Fantastic value for £12!”

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